Finally some experience with a employer!

I finally got a job offer! It’s a ghostwriter gig. I’ll be writing a 10k word romance every week. It’s a good opportunity for my writing skills to shine. I also got a response from a company regarding being a product tester! I quickly printed out the non-disclosure agreement and put it in the mailbox to be shipped out.

I am still applying for other product tester jobs that pay. I don’t mind if it’s just free products, I’m using this as an opportunity to get time built in and over time I’ll try to expand what I test.

I also submitted some work into Creepy Catalog on Facebook! This is super exciting because they have over a million subscribers! I’ll find out in two weeks if I will be getting published with them. They want three paragraphs first, and if they really like it they’ll want the rest.

I’ll give them everything I can, but the rest of it leads into my horror book. I’ll have to explain that just to make sure that’s okay. I’m hoping more opportunities present themselves, and I’m getting excited to find out if the magazine I submitted my sci-fi book will be published.

Just need to be patient even though that’s tough at times.

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Writing a horror novel.

I’ve been writing a horror novel the past few days, I’m at 23k words. I think it’ll be done around 40k words. I think the story on it is pretty original, and I’m hoping to pitch it to an agent and hopefully get a book deal!

I’ve already submitted my sci-fi book to a sci-fi magazine, I won’t hear back for another few months. If I get rejected I’ll find another company to submit it to. I’ve also been looking into copywriting, I need to build my portfolio.

I’m going to keep pushing until I can make writing my main career. I know its hard, but I’ll keep writing. Even though I’ll be doing a regular job in the meantime. I really do believe you can do anything you put your mind to.

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Short stories sell!

I’ve been doing some research online, and have found out short stories are selling like hotcakes! has positions, has positions.

I would love to write nothing but short stories, in all sorts of categories. I specialize in horror, science fiction & romance. If you guys are looking to hire for short stories feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss rates.

I can easily write 5k words in one day, but I mainly do 3k at a time – my wrists hate me after 5k. I’ve tried to self-publish erotica short stories, but they just don’t sell. Amazon self-publishing is nice but you need to market your stuff.

I’ve tried tweeting the book links, saying when I’m running a free deal.. But they still don’t sell. I was recommended to try to move it all down to .99 cents, which I could try. Most of them I have priced for 2.99.

In closing, my pursuit for a writing job is ongoing. I love writing short stories, and I’m constantly writing my horror novel, The Hollowing. I feel if I keep pushing myself I’ll eventually get paid for what I love to do.

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Rent-A-Friend. Make money by being someone’s friend.

I’ve been browsing around online trying to find decent at home jobs, for those who are curious a few at home sites are work at home moms and work at home adventures.

I found a website called Rent A Friend, I immediately thought I was being trolled.. But I saw a picture of a man on Ebay that sold a year of his friendship for 100 dollars.

I’m shocked that people are paying for friendship, it’s non-sexual in manner with no physical contact. So I did what I could do to help out those that are curious..

I filled out an application.

I made a username, put in my date of birth.. Pretty normal so far. The next page you select what you’re interested in doing, there’s options like concerts, hanging out, video games..

I chose the safest options. Email penpal, phone buddy.. Since I’m not sure meeting up with someone I don’t know and how well it would go.

I chose my rate, 30 an hour. You can choose waive hourly fee if they buy your concert ticket, or etc. So from what I understand.. There are people willing to pay money just to have a friend to hang out with.

Guys, that makes me feel sad to be honest, that some are doing that. But I can understand. Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking to meet new people.

Continuing on, I wrote a basic description about myself and what I like to do. And pressed finish. I have to verify something in my email and then the search begins. I’ll update with how this goes.

Till next time!

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Getting paid for your opinion

I’ve been doing some research online lately for writing jobs. I must have went through several websites, reading articles, and generally looking for a great site.

I think I may have found something! It’s called You put what you’re good at, then you put a hourly rate, or a set rate. Me personally I’m going for short stories, and writing jobs I think I can do.

I applied for funny science fiction stories, I even uploaded a little bit of my own book to show my writing style. It’s terrifying when you have no jobs to refer to, no experience to show.

I think writing a book and finishing it is pretty impressive, but this company wants you to pay for membership, and pay for skills.. I checked last night how much it costed, it was 4.75-4.95 a test.

If I had a job I’d pay for some of them. You bid for jobs, I only bid once on the job I applied for. Since I’m trying to conserve them. I like the website, the jobs are legit.

Yesterday night I submitted my sci-fi book to a sci-fi magazine. I’m hoping my cover letter was good, I typed it from my phone. (don’t have internet.)

One day I’ll find the perfect writing job. Maybe it’ll be blogging! But I don’t get nearly enough traffic for that. Oh well. Someday!!

Have a safe weekend everybody.

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“The Hollowing” art and book cover by me.



Here’s some artwork I did on the horror book I’m writing called “The Hollowing”, yep thats the book cover. Too bad I can’t be hired for my artwork! Haha.

This book is at 12k words so far, I’m thinking I’ll be done around December 20th. Maybe sooner, since I can type over 75 words a minute. Goals!

Have a safe weekend everybody.

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Looking for writing jobs..

Hi everybody! What’s on my mind today is writing jobs. For some reason the title of “virtual assistant” seems incredibly daunting to me. I’m not good at organizing in real life, so I think I’d be bad at that online.

I think I’d be okay at content writer, or food reviewer. Heck, any kind of reviewer, I’m pretty thorough.

Now other then the stuff I normally write I’ve been testing the water’s by writing erotica. Its something I’m pretty decent at, I use a pen name. My main question is, how would I find a decent paying writing job, with no college degree – and only my blog and books to go on?

I try to post interesting topics to build traffic, but I try to stay true to what I like posting. I’ve been looking on for potential writing jobs; I’m not too happy with the fact that for the skills tests you have to pay, or pay for a membership.

How can I show my writing skills if no one takes a chance?

And that’s what I’ve been thinking about, I hope all of you have been having a great Saturday!

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